About Us


Discover Bahrain”, is a project initiated by the Good Word Society and aims to enable the world to discover the heart and essence of Bahrain. The discovery process is through the people of Bahrain themselves, who will independently expose Bahrain through its rich and diverse history; strong society and sense of community; different religious persuasions and openness, welcoming society; advancement in education; strong economy; professional health care services; peaceful and unique culture, civilization and architecture.

This program is planned to start on 7th January 2012, for a duration of 9 days/8 nights, where all transportation, accommodation, travel itinerary, program and arrangement will all be taken care of by the Good Word Society, allowing you to really Discover Bahrain.

The Orgnizer: Good word Society 


We are an NGO (Non-governmental organization), committed to the Islamic method derived from the Quran and Sunnah, and based on inclusiveness and moderation.

We seek to go with the community, individuals, institutions and systems, towards the development, growth and cooperate with all public and private bodies on the development and prosperity of the nation, as well as to promote national unity.

And our ways in that are advocacy and public awareness, building models of institutional characteristics, and using the effective community relations in the framework of integration and participation.

We stress that the position to achieve this, is our internal construction, educating the associates a comprehensive education and investing their energies properly so that their able to carry our message efficiently.


Towards a civil, informed and educated aware movement of their needs and to be able to achieve in a society based on justice and equality.


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